It’s a bad sign when I’m willing to play Bad Company 2 multiplayer on a non-HD screen even after I bought the Modern Warfare 2 stimulus map pack.

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  1. I couldn’t play this on non-HD. It’s hard enough to see what’s going on in HD without adding extra fuzz. You’re proper hardcore, that’s what it is :)

  2. Welcome to my world. Unfortunately my plasma is in the front room and the missus watches that at night. I have no choice but to play on my 10 year old tv in another oom thats non HD blah blah and its so frustrating and really difficult to see people a lot of the time.

    1. Wow. That makes your 18-0 game the other night all the more impressive! Any chance of putting a cheap Dell monitor on the shopping list at some stage? Either that or encourage your better half to go out meet her friends more often? :)

  3. I wish but alas no. I am trying to start a fund for a new TV but kids always seems to need something but it is something that we know we need to replace but just for playing xbox is a bit ott.

    Yes the 18-0 was as I said a one off and now you may understand why my eyes get so watery and stingy, its because I am having to look so damn hard at the screen for the slightest movement etc.

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