Daily Archives: July 27, 2005

Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Lots of tips and stuff here!

1. Build and Empire?
2. New Sites, Files and Maintenance
3. Managing URL’s and channels
4. Site Design and Integration
5. Using Images
6. Multiple Ad Units
7. Adsense in RSS
8. Affiliate Sites
9. PPC Arbitrage

Petrol Prices Rise to 1.20 Euro/litre

I just heard on Red FM that Texaco are telling their retailers to increase the price of unleaded petrol to 1.20/lt! I filled up with petrol at 1.05/lt this morning but I might just fill the tank this evening if this is confirmed elsewhere.

streamtuner – Internet radio tuner

I came across streamtuner a few days ago and installed it from Debian apt when it sparked my interest.
It talks to radio directories like SHOUTcast and Live365 and lists them in a nice gui. Click on any station and up pops xmms!
I never got into the whole streaming radio thing before, but there’s every sort of station out there! I’m amazed!